Arise. Shine.

These words from Isaiah 60:1 are favorites of mine for the Epiphany season, which begins on January 6th.  One of the blessings of travel between Portland and New Hampshire has been all the sunrises and sunsets I have experienced. I am usually an early riser and like to get things done as soon as I can in the morning. As I write, I am awaiting the dawn, one of my favorite times to write.

This time of the church year emphasizes the spreading of Christ’s light, the good news, to the world. We who have been claimed in baptism as God’s beloved are encouraged to invite others to converse about faith, whether they are church members or not. As we are reminded of our baptism into Christ, can we invite others to consider the blessings of a community where God’s love is central?

The words “come and see” can be a simple invitation to others. “Come and see” what our community of faith is all about. “Come and see” the people, the music, the words, the meal which defines who we are as God’s people. Just try it out. Just come.

In a new year, there are many who question their lives and priorities. Your words to “come and see” may be the start of a new journey into realizing God’s presence in someone’s life. A simple invitation. That’s all it takes.

I have some long-time friends in Portland who have an open-door policy for me to stay with them whenever I wish to. I always ask if a certain day would be OK. They always say: “just come.”

These are simple words we can use. Just come. Come to hear God’s mercy given freely for you. Come to taste the meal that takes away all hunger and want. Come to share in God’s compassion for the world. Come, and see this new life that touches and heals and transforms. Just come.

If you can’t say it in person, write a note. Send an email. Call someone. Spread the good news of great joy. Arise and shine with Christ’s invitation to spread the love and light of Christ.

With blessing and joy,Pastor Anne

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