Give a Child a Chance

Give a Child a Chance ministry’s purpose is to provide tuition support to neighborhood children, in need, to attend our First Lutheran Children’s Programs preschool.   The children are from families who do not qualify for a state waiver but who can provide some tuition support of their own. They cannot afford to pay the full amount of tuition.  We partner with the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the Children’s Program to pay tuition, so these children can attend preschool.  This gives them a leg-up on readiness to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Initiated in 2014, we are a self-sustaining team who use a variety of fundraising efforts, including crowdfunding, e-Waste Recycling, Dine-out, and offering a Scrip Shopping/gift card program, to raise money to achieve our purpose.

We have been blessed to have supported six children in attending preschool.