Seeing the Face of God

Where have you seen the face of God this summer?

Has it been in the joy of a young child?

The kindness of a friend?  The helpfulness of a stranger?

In an expression of deep thankfulness?

In the glory of creation? In a summer rainbow?  A garden’s abundance?

Has it been in those who comforted you as you experienced a time of heaviness, or lament or grief? Prayed for you? Supported you?

Or in the person who said: “I’ll help you with that!” or “I’ll do that for you!”

God is present in so many ways at First Lutheran Church! Here is just a small snapshot…

Young children running, playing and laughing, kept in safe space by staff who work hard to    assure learning and growth and kindness result.

Workers getting ready for the Holiday Fair, which will support so many in need.

In people caring for one another through prayer and outreach and acts of mercy.

Preparations for FLC’s work with Greater Portland Family Promise.

In the joy conveyed through singers, soloists, choirs, congregation and musicians praising God.

In the work of committees and council, staff and volunteers, friends and members who help care for this community’s life and witness to Christ.

In people both old and new who bring life, new ideas, and vitality to the congregation.

In the renovation team as it works to bring hospitality and accessibility to our worship space and our life of praise and thanksgiving to God.

As we begin September, where will you see the face of God?

Look where compassion, mercy, and love are being offered in the name of Jesus Christ. Look where joy and healing are present. Look where new life is making itself known. There you may just find the face of God shining upon you, revealing the loving presence of the One who makes all things new, the One who is the light of the world, the One who comes to bring forgiveness and mercy to all. I will be looking with you!

Pastor Anne

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