Greater Portland Family Promise

What is GPFP? 

GPFP is a national organization serving homeless families through the faith community.  GPFP will house up to 4 families (14 individuals maximum) at a time at local host churches. Churches will host for a week at a time on a rotating basis.  Families will have dinner, sleep, and eat breakfast at the church.  Days will be spent at a day center, located at the Portland YMCA.

How will First Lutheran be involved?

First Lutheran will be partnering with St Ansgar Lutheran church, and our week to support St Ansgar is the week of September 3rd. The families will stay at St Ansgar, and we will assist with volunteers and supplies.

We will need two volunteers each day for each of the following time slots/categories:

  • dinner preparation, prepared at home and brought to the church
  • dinner and evening shift, roughly 5-9 PM, or broken into 2 shifts
  • overnight shift–sleeping at the church; beds will be provided

In addition:

  • setting up the facility the day of arrival (Sunday 5 PM) and cleaning up the morning of departure (the following Sunday 7 AM)
  • organizing needed supplies and food
  • washing linens after the families depart

This totals approximately 46 volunteers. In many cases, families may volunteer with their children.        Although our week is the week of September 3rd, we are looking for an ongoing commitment, as churches will host about four times per year.  There will be a mandatory training for volunteers who will interact with     families; times to be announced.

This is an exciting and well thought out program!

Wendy Barmore and Yvonne Jumper (co-cordinators) have already been to several training sessions.  Approximately 24 churches have signed on. GPFP has hired a program manager and an assistant and are in process of hiring a case manager and purchasing a van and beds.

We will be providing more details and opportunities to sign up. In the meantime, feel free to call us with questions.

Thank you in advance,
Wendy, Yvonne, and the entire Outreach Committee